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PPCTivoRemote is an application that runs on a PocketPC to simulate a Tivo Remote Control using a WiFi connection to TivoWeb which already has support for an emulated remote control via the sendkey module. This is a great way to control your Tivo if your real remote control does not work (like when I fried my Tivo's IR sensor).

This includes source code in C# (Visual Studio) and includes both the mobile app and a Web Service that talks to the Tivo (you could combine these into one - I needed both).

See Downloads below.

DisplayText is a TivoWeb module that will display text on the Tivo screen. Text to be displayed may be entered inteactively from a PC web browser as shown in the screen shot below.

Screen Shot TivoWeb running the DisplayText module (using the new tivocomm theme):

In addition, the module may be called as a Web Service from some external client (on a server). For example, if you have one of those networked washing machines that can send an HTTP request, you can get notified when the laundry is ready to be moved to the dryer. Just configure your washing machine to send this request at the "cycle complete" event:^)


The above link will actually work if tivo is defined in your /windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts file


PPCTivoRemote Visual Studio 2005 projects for mobile app and web service.


Description and Installation Info for DisplayText

displaytext.tar TivoWeb module (V1.2)


Description and Installation Info for DisplayText


Cwingert's newtext2osd V1.4 required program.


lightn web site - location of required Tivo web server

DisplayText History

V1.2 Use cwingert's newtext2osd V1.4. There is no new functionality so if you are happy with the previous version(s), there is no need to upgrade. However, if you like to stay current with the latest versions, use this itcl file and download newtext2osd V1.4 using the above link.

V1.1 Use cwingert's newtxt2osd program instead of newtext2osd to take advantage of a better font that correctly displays descending characters. Note: background text color 0 is transparent but the default is 1, gray, for better visibility.

V1.0 Initial release

DisplayText Credits

lightn (TivoWeb)
embeem (Original osdtxt from tivobi program)
cwingert (newtxt2osd program)
Steve Jenkins (Cascading style sheet for this page)
Forum Thread (Discussion of DisplayText at Tivo Community)

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