Flight Operations

The Naval Air Force is divided into carrier air wings, which are a group of squadrons of all different types of aircraft flown by naval aviators.  An air wing consists of anywhere from 9 to 10 different squadrons of these different types of aircraft.


F-14B/D Tom cat    E-2C Hawkeye
F/A18 Hornet  C-2 Greyhound
EA-6B Prowler S-3 Viking
E5-3 Shadow  F-14 Interceptor

F/A18 Fighter Jet (Best in the military)
EA-6B Radar Jamor - Electronic Tactical Warfare
Helo's - SH60 Seahawks CH-60,CH-46 (all different types of helicopters used in search and rescue)
E-2C - Provides early warning to ship
S-3, ES-3 - Sub warfare