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This page is used to chronicle changes with Gary and Deborah's Computer Dating System. Check here often to find out what new changes are installed or other stuff.

Gary and Deborah's Computer Dating Notices
May 23rd, 1999 - VIP members may now supply a photo to be displayed with their profile. The web page of matches will display a small version and when you click on the link to display the profile details, the large version will display.

Another new feature is "personal ads". VIPs may type in their own personal ad that is displayed to the matches. The ad may be upto 1000 characters and may contain HTML tags if desired.

Click Here to find out about VIP membership benefits and Click Here to join up.

April 28th, 1999 - VIP Membership offers lots of enhanced features. You may now pay for VIP membership using 1) Credit Card, 2) Personal Online Check, or 3) Calling a 900 number (billed to your phone). Options 2 & 3 are for US members only.
February 1st, 1999 - A few new enhancements have been added.
  • If you are a VIP, you will get email for each newly added member (or newly modified profile) that matches you. You can turn this off from the VIP Membership Services page.
  • You can specify how far back in the DatingBase to search for matches when you click on the Match button. Just fill in the Match Date before you click the Match button.

January 23rd, 1999 -
New features were added to our site today!

New Features for Everybody:

  • Easier logon - there are now separate pages for new members and current members.
  • The look of the site hase changed. Graphic buttons were added and colors slightly changed.
  • View VIP member's profiles. You will be able to view the profile of every VIP member that matches your profile.
  • When you run a match, you will see ony those matches that are new or modified since the last time you logged on. This will increase the speed of the matches by not searching against the entire database. In addition, you will not see old matches you have already seen. If you really do want to run against more (or all) of the database, you will be able to change (or blank out) the "Match Date" and re-run the match.
  • The Forum has been added. The Forum is made up of a set of Topics. Within a Topic, there are threaded discussions called Subjects. Each Subject contains one thread of Messages. You can reply to Messages or you can start your own Subject thread. When you leave a message, you can choose to display a link to your profile so Forum readers may view it to find out about you and perhaps email you directly.

New Features for VIP Members:

  • View other member's profiles. You will be able to view the profile of every member that matches your profile. All members that match with your profile will be able to view it.
  • Fine-tune your matching requirements. If you get too many or too few matches, you will easily be able to temporarily override your profile requirements to see how it affects the number of matches you receive. For example, your profile may state you want to match with others in the same state. You can easily re-run the match saying you don't care where they live.
  • You can select to display people that almost match with your profile, that is, one item does not match.

December 19th, 1998 - We have migrated thousands of members from our old database to our new one; mostly females to even out the ratio a bit. We also started sending email to all the newly added people to both let them know that they are again active and also to remove profiles with email addresses that no longer work.
November 27th, 1998 - We have completed the transfer of this Web site to the production server.
November 26th (Happy Thanksgiving!), 1998 - Gary and Deborah's is moving to a production server as the first step to moving off Beta mode. This will provide us with more database disk space to load up more of our "old" members.

At this time, the site is only partially restored. Anything database-related is disabled. When the load process is complete, the site will be re-enabled.

Novenber 15th, 1998 - Today, some changes were installed. When you run you matches, you will see an icon on the right that you can click to get your astrology-compatability chart for each of your matches. Your own horoscope will be displayed if you click the icon on your own attributes on the top of the page.

For those of you using WebTV, the display has been improved by removing the left border decoration and changing the navigation bar to 2 lines. You won't see these changes if you are not using WebTV.

October 26th, 1998 - We now send a confirmation email message to you when you add a new profile to the DatingBase.
October 25th, 1998 - We added a page called Books where you can find books about dating and relationships. The second half are books about CyberDating. Click on the book's link to find out more about the book and if you like, buy it from Amazon.com.

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