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VIP Benefits

VIP Membership Benefits

  • Profile Modify - One of the most requested features of our old system. Without the ability to modify your profile, you have to delete and re-add a new one. Being able to easily modify your profile allows you to change your Email address, when you change ISPs or changing your matching criteria to fine-tune your matching results.
  • Locaton Matching - This was the other most requested feature of our old system. If you want to match with only people that live nearby, you can set your location attribute to force matching with people in the same country, state, city or ZIP code (State and Zip for US members). On the other hand, people that run matches will not be shown your profile entry if they do not fit your location profile - whether or not they are VIPs.
  • Display Profiles - Another popular wish-list item was the ability to display the profile of the matches. It is now possible to display the full profile of any of your matches by clicking on their user ID. The match's email address is also displayed prior to sending the Yenta email in case you prefer to send out your own email directly. The profiles of VIP members can be displayed when they turn up as matches on non-VIP members to give you the broadest exposure.
  • Photos Displayed - VIPs may submit photos to their profiles. Anyone that is matched with with a VIP will see the photo (if there is one). Thumbnail photos will display on the web page of matches. Clicking the Display Profile link (see item above) will display a larger image.
  • Personal Ad - VIPs may also submit a "Personal Ad" written in their own words. Like the photos, the text will be displayed to anyone that matches the VIP's profile.
  • Auto notification - VIPs that match up with newly added members or newly updated profiles will automatically be notified of the match through Email. Timing is very important when trying to match up with someone.
  • Display First - VIPs will be displayed before others on the match page.
  • VIP membership suspension - If you sign up for a 3 or 6 month membership and you get into a relationship or married, you can suspend your membership until you are available again, so you don't lose out. If your relationship never ends, well, great! You can turn over your membership to a friend or relative. This benefit may not be abused, that is, you are not allowed to resume, run a match and then immediately suspend. When you suspend, your profile can either be hidden so no one matches with you, or your VIP status can revert to standard membership; your choice.
  • VIP Highlighting - VIPs that match your profile will be highlighted so you will know who is and who is not a VIP among your matches.
  • No banner ads - Those banner ads you normally see on this site will be surpressed for VIPs. Because of this, pages will display faster.
  • Other Things - More VIP features coming as we think of them

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