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Generic-Relationship Books

  • 258 Great Dates While You Wait

    This is the ultimate dating book for young teens (and their parents), with solid Christian advice on when to start dating, manners, expectations, respect, how to keep emotions under control, and much more.

  • How to Attract Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace : The Smart Guide to Flirting

    Susan Rabin, a therapist who was a coordinator for Family Living/Sex Education for the New York City Board of Education, elucidates the principles of flirting--from body language to conversation tips to where to meet other singles--and helps to get you on your way to getting out there!

  • 101 Ways to Flirt : How to Get More Dates and Meet Your Mate

    Fledgling flirts will find dozens of funny, unique, and thought-provoking lines that work towart jumpstarting relationships.

  • The Rules : Time Tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right

    An unexpected bestseller, this self-help book for women who want to hook a man seems to have struck a chord with desperate American women. The authors lay out the rules to be followed for successfully snagging a dream hunk. And these rules are hard as cast-iron--Rule Five: Don't Call Him and Rarely Return His Calls.

  • The Code : Time-Tested Secrets for Getting What You Want from Women Without Marrying Them!

    This is the infamous response of two single guys, to The Rules (infamous in its own right). These commitment-phobic Nineties gentlemen, whose motto can best be expressed as "Trick them before they trick you," teach you how to get into a relationship ("Bite the buttons off her blouse the first time you make love") and back out again ("Bite the buttons off her blouse every time you make love"). Stop that Rules girl in her tracks -- no more lonely Saturday nights just because you called her after Wednesday!

  • Guerrilla Dating Tactics : Strategies, Tips, and Secrets for Finding Romance

    Dating stinks, but this book is fun. It doesn't seem like the typical self-help shtick. The stories are funny and smart, and I laughed a lot reading it. I especially liked the chapter on Cyber-flirting. Well, if you are trying to meet the right one, I think you might like this book, too.

  • The Art of Mingling : Easy, Fun, and Proven Techniques for Mastering Any Room

    Filled with dozens of simple techniques, tricks, lines, and maneuvers that can mean the difference between fun and misery, this book reveals how to handle any party scene--business or social--and master any room with charm and confidence.

  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Dating

    Just the book for men and women who are looking for romantic connections or simply to enjoy a good time with another person, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Dating is filled with tension-relieving advice on how to meet someone, when and how to ask for a date, and how to get past the first date.

  • 2002 Ways to Find, Attract and Keep a Mate

    Consider this a pocket guide that makes a fine companion to one of the other larger books on the subject. There are literally 2002 brief sentences with ideas, hints, tips and confidence builders ranging from the ridiculous to the obvious to the very helpful.

  • Foreign Affairs

    This flawless novel earned the 1985 Pulitzer Prize for fiction, and once again illustrates Lurie's talent for capturing the subtle ironies of human relationships. Two professors are sent to London on research assignments but end up spending more time together than on their work!

  • Getting Beyond 'Hello' : Miss Mingle's Guide to Navigating the Nineties

    Whether sky as a wallflower or a master mingler. this practical and often hilarious collection of advice and wisdom for the '90s--written by the author of The Art of Mingling--offers every reader insightful tips on socializing and entering comfortably into conversations with perfect strangers.

  • Fifty Ways to Find a Lover

    Finding a lover is a skill that must be learned. In addition to covering essentials like flirting, starting and continuing a conversation, and giving and reading visual signals, the book offers proven ways to meet someone. The revised edition features a new cover and an all-new Action Plan summarizing the many steps that can be taken to find a mate.

Online-Relationship Books

  • Beyond Cybersex : Charming Her Online, Meeting Her Offline

    In this humorously candid and informative book, the author shares his personal experiences of meeting eligible local women over the internet, explaining the methods that have made him successful and guiding men through the process of results-oriented online chatting and beyond.

  • Love Bytes (Cafe , No 1)

    This book was wonderful. It had friend life, love life and work life. It is such a good book that I read it 4 times! It was a book that will keep you reading past mid-night. Each chapter begins with an @Cafe members' web page. It is funny,and really cool.

  • Flavor of the Day (Cafe , No 4)

    The staff at the cafe have broken their rule about mixing business with love. Natalie's dating Sam, but dreaming of Dylan. And Dylan won't be happy until he has Natalie--even if it means losing his best friend, Sam. [All the reader-reviews on this book were 5-stars!

  • Love Online : A Practical Guide to Digital Dating

    Love Online describes what digital dating is and who's doing it, gives tips and advice on what to do and what not to do online, then tours the main forums for meeting people on each major commercial service, bulletin boards, and the Internet. It can help anyone find love--without leaving the house.

  • Men Are from Cyberspace : The Single Women's Guide to Flirting, Dating, and Finding Love On-Line

    A hip guide for women to the newest singles scene--the Internet--covering everything from flirtatious e-mail to cybersex. Part "how to" and part "tell all, " the book targets the fasted growing segment of online users: women between the ages of 16 and 34.

  • Online Seductions : Falling in Love With Strangers on the Internet

    A noted psychiatrist examines peoples' obsessions with online seduction, exploring the unique lure, seductive quality, and increasing frequency of online relationships. Dr. Gwinnell offers readers guidelines for protecting themselves online.

  • Putting Your Heart Online

    This is THE book about how to find your true love using the internet. Whether you are a beginner with the cyber world or an experienced browser this is a wonderful friendly, informative guide which I have used successfully to find MANY fantastic dates.

  • Romancing the Net : A 'Tell-All' Guide to Love Online

    This book goes straight to the heart of what makes online romances click and shows readers everything they need to know to find their soul mate in cyberspace. From the nuts and bolts of getting online to real stories of love and heartbreak on the information superhighway, this is a user's manual for people who want to cruise the Web for romance.

  • Throbbing Modems

    From global talk to using a modem to reach local romance, this covers how to make friends and lovers on-line. A variety of topics are approached here; from the basics of using bulletin boards and online services to safety and understanding the etiquette of on-line meetings.

  • Cupid Computer

    Driven by teenage insecurities, competitiveness, and that yearning for a "first" boyfriend, Toni tries to outwit a computer to land a date for her school's Valentine's dance.

  • The Little Book of Online Romance : How to Find It, How to Keep It

    The first part of the book is all about the Internet and includes all kinds of advice about online romances: where to meet people, how to meet people, safety concerns, maintaining long-distance relationships...an INCREDIBLE amount of information packed into a little book. The SECOND half of the book contains 500 questions that you can ask your "cyber-sweetie."

  • Looking for Love on Line : How to Meet Women Using an Online Service

    Readers will find everything they need to know about online services, chat rooms, forums, game areas, and private message systems. Sample dialogues and typical situations help readers practice their cyberchat skills.

  • Love Online

    Love Online provides singles with tips to locating dating services, chat groups, and dates online. From lists of symbols used in chats to preventing cyberdating problems, this is filled with practical advice.

  • Love Bytes : The Online Dating Handbook

    This handbook explains everything readers want to know about online dating--how to find a date, forming a stable relationship, appropriate etiquette, finding a place to meet, and what to do when ready to continue dating off-line.

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